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Problem Solving In Numeracy - Highly interactive 2 day workshop

Problem Solving in Numeracy

A highly interactive, hands on 2 day workshop.

Recommended for: primary and secondary teachers who want their students to have more than “draw a picture” or “guess and check” in their problem solving toolbox.

You will:
  • Apply Polya’s problem solving technique
  • Use the thinkboard
  • Learn the strategies students need to “Plan”
  • Differentiate using the CRSA model
  • Identify and challenge student misconceptions

Time: 8:30am – 4pm. Includes morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.
Rate: $475 (+ GST). All participants will receive a Problem Solving Thinkboard.

(Early Bird Discount if you book by 14th December of $50)


Year Levels Date Location Book Here
Mackay Primary and Secondary 22nd-23rd Jan 2020 Campden State School, Mackay

Booking ended
Brisbane Primary and Secondary 20th-21st Feb 2020 Jindalee Hotel,  Jindalee, Brisbane

Booking ended
Cairns Primary and Secondary 27th-28th Feb 2020 Novotel, Cairns

Booking ended
Place Value, Fractions and Decimals

Place Value,  Fractions and Decimals Workshop

This workshop is for teachers of Year 2 – 5 who want to differentiate maths  activities and need practical, manageable ideas to assist them in making it a reality.



Registration from 8:30am

Cost:  $175 + GST

Includes:    Electronic copy of all classroom resources,   morning tea and lunch.

The focus of the workshop

The professional learning delivered in this workshop focuses on using models and representations to create connections between place value, fractions and decimals and student understanding of number, calculation,  money and metric units.

In the delivery of this workshop Marg draws on her experience working alongside teachers and Year 3 and 4 students at Warwick Central State School in Semester 2, 2017. During this time Marg developed and delivered practical lessons and tiered activities based on the CRSA Model of Instruction.   Through her understanding of mathematical concepts across the P- 10 Australian Curriculum, Marg identifies the mini skills and understandings that underpin the concept descriptors.  Combining this knowledge with her understanding of how students develop mathematical understanding and the misconceptions that block them Marg was able to create tiered activities that engaged and challenged students.

What the Warwick Central State School teachers thought:

Marg looks at mathematical concepts through a lens that cuts to the core of student understanding. She is able to scaffold learning for students and teachers through sequenced and meaningful experiences.  Janet

The tiered lessons were a great resource as it made you ensure the students were confident in that tier before you moved on.  The tiered levels were pitched at the right level of difficulty because when I tried tier two with the whole class, it became obvious tier one students started to misbehave and tier three students became bored.   Sue

 Working with Marg has changed my whole approach to teaching Maths. I am more aware of where the gaps might be and why there could be problems – I now feel that I have some great activities that will support the Year 3s and 4s. Instead of just reteaching in the same manner, I will be able to try some different approaches.  Alison

During the workshop Teachers will

  • Build knowledge of curriculum descriptors for Place Value, Fractions and Decimals from Prep to Year 5 and the mini skills that underpin them.
  • Identify student misconceptions and activities to challenge them.
  • Engage with tiered activities, reviewing and adapting for their own students.
  • Be overloaded with ideas and resources.

Learning Outcomes

Teachers will be able to

  • Implement ‘road tested’ tiered activities in their classroom to develop confidence in managing a differentiated classroom and work towards creating their own tiered activities.
  • Develop a culture of success for all students.

Australian Curriculum Descriptors  which will be encompassed during the workshop.

  • Recognise, model, represent and order numbers to at least 10 000  (ACMNA027, ACMNA052, ACMNA072)
  • Apply place value to partition, rearrange and regroup numbers to at least tens of thousands to assist calculations and solve problems (ACMNA073)
  • Recognise that the place valuesystem can be extended beyond hundredths. Make connections between fractions and decimal notation (ACMNA104, ACMNA079)
  • Model and represent unit fractions including 1/2, 1/4, 1/3, 1/5 and their multiples to a complete whole (ACMNA033, ACMNA058)
  • Compare fractions with related denominatorsand locate and represent them on a number line (ACMNA125, ACMNA102, ACMNA078)
  • Compare, order and represent decimals (ACMNA105)
Year Levels Date Location Book Here
Cairns Year 2 – 5 Request Dates  Cairns Mail us  to request dates
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