LearningYou provides a broad range of consulting and teacher training services to support improved teaching and education outcomes within your school.


Bespoke Professional Learning Programmes

Bespoke professional learning programmes begin with LearningYou learning about you – your school, your frameworks, your staff, your students, your programmes, your data, your goals.

Only when we have learned about you will we begin designing your professional learning package.

Workshops And Courses

LearningYou offers a diverse range of professional learning workshops and courses.

  • Numeracy v Mathematics
  • Strategies for Interpreting and Applying Proportional Reasoning
  • Strategies to Estimate, Calculate and Operate
  • Strategies for Recognising and Using Patterns and Relationships
  • Strategies for Visualisation and Spatial Reasoning
  • Strategies for Interpreting Graphs, Maps and Diagrams
Problem Solving Techniques
  • Developing a whole school approach to Problem Solving
First Steps in Mathematics Courses (Primary and Secondary)
  • Number
  • Measurement
  • Space
  • Chance & Data
  • Number Pattern
  • Fractions
  • Writing tiered tasks for Numeracy and Mathematics


Whole School Planning

Development and Enactment of Whole School Numeracy Plan

LearningYou will collaborate with faculty teams to identify and capture authentic numeracy moments within your current teaching programmes. We will provide a framework for the teaching of numeracy and provide the professional learning to ensure that your numeracy plan is enacted in the classroom and not a dust collector on a bookshelf..

Transforming Naplan Data Analysis to classroom change.

LearningYou will create a professional development plan for your school based on the correlation of NAPLAN results to the underlying numeracy strategies and mathematical knowledge required to be numerate.

A focus on improving numeracy learning strategies creates sustainable change in teaching and learning that delivers broad benefits in addition to driving improved NAPLAN performance scores.