The 21st Century classroom is diverse, powerful, challenging and most significantly student centric. The days of one size fits all teaching are long gone. Shouldn’t the same apply to teacher learning? LearningYou delivers diverse, powerful, challenging and teacher centric professional learning. LearningYou stands apart from other professional learning providers by delivering differentiated teacher learning services for schools.

Differentiated learning programmes begin with us learning about you:
  • Your targets and goals
  • Your staff’s skill sets and learning needs
  • Your students’ skill sets and learning needs
  • Your data
  • Your measures of success

When we know you we design and deliver bespoke programmes to optimise teacher learning to make meaningful improvements in the classroom that are sustainable. The result is high impact training solutions that build performance and capability.

At LearningYou we are also realists. Not all schools have the resources to provide bespoke learning programmes for their staff. Individual teachers may also be seeking challenging professional learning outside of their school’s professional development programme. For this reason we offer a diverse range of pre-packaged professional learning workshops and courses.

LearningYou will help you build the toolkit you need for tomorrow’s classroom while also loading up on inspiration. Our consultants are at the cutting edge of teaching and learning. They come from teaching backgrounds and all have extensive experience in the delivery of professional learning for teachers.

Our People


Marg Buckle

Marg’s passion for mathematics and desire to share its beauty is contagious. Her role as Principal Education Advisor Australian Curriculum enabled her to share this passion as she developed and delivered professional learning for school leaders and teachers.

Marg was the mathematics consultant on the highly successful Project U2B (upper two bands) and was responsible for the development of the online lessons, implementation of Polya’s problem solving thinkboard, and identification of the explicit teaching of numeracy strategies. Marg has written tiered questions for the 20 Question and Problem Solving Strategies edStudios.

Marg bridges the primary/secondary gap with her ability to breakdown theoretical knowledge of mathematical concepts and teacher pedagogy and transfer to practical teaching skills.