Of course it is…or at least sometimes. Underpinning each of these ”tricks” are the properties and relationships of numbers.
magicDon’t cave in too early and give away the Mathemagician’s secrets. Create what Dan Meyer calls perplexity (http://blog.mrmeyer.com/2011/the-three-acts-of-a-mathematical-story/). Make them think! Let them struggle! Model for them that problem solving is not quick, answers don’t come immediately and that multiple attempts and a variety of strategies may be needed.
Of course this does depend on their age. Year 7 and older should use The Magic of Numbers “tricks” to apply algebra to generalise each case.
Year 5 & 6 should look for patterns in the Secret Number 31 & 60 cards.
Prep through to the staffroom will love the idea of Making Chocolate from Nothing. Make sure you come stocked with a few blocks of chocolate to Predict, Test and Reflect.
All should be given the opportunity to acknowledge the brilliance of the Mathemagican (that’s you!)
And how do these “tricks” work? Well I wouldn’t be creating perplexity if I told you straight away, would I?

Here are some magic resources to get you going

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