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Problem solving thinkboards

Problem solving thinkboards are an essential classroom tool for problem solving. Printed with Polya’s 4 step problem solving technique the thinkboard enables students to record and share their thinking as they develop their problem solving skills.student using board 1

Attach the strategy cards and provide students with a bank of problem solving strategies. The back of the board is blank for use in warm ups and other learning areas.

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One side printed with See, Plan, Do, Check icons.
Size: 346mm x 304mm
Material: 1mm white rigid PVC

Thinkboard Training

We provide online training to help you best use the thinkboard and Polya’s technique in the classroom .  It’s FREE!  Enrol below


Types of Multiplication & Division Poster

multiplication and division poster example

Includes Visual Representations and the Multiplication & Division Triangle for

  • Repeat Equal Groups,
  • Combinations &
  • Arrays

What is a Ratio Poster

what is a ratio

Ratio of a Quantity Poster

ratio of a quantity

Which Graph?

which graph poster example

Links the question you are answering to the graph that you should use to best answer that question.


Equivalent Ratio Poster

equivalent ratio

Polya’s Problem Solving Poster